LoRa Server project guides

Ansible and Vagrant

Getting started with the LoRa Server project using Vagrant and / or Ansible.

First gateway and device

When you have the LoRa Server project components up & running, this guide helps you getting started with your first gateway and device.

MQTT authentication

Guide on how to setup MQTT (Mosquitto) topic-based authentication and authorization.

Quickstart Debian / Ubuntu

Quickstart tutorial on how to install all components on a Debian / Ubuntu system.

Quickstart Docker-Compose

Quickstart guide on how to get started with the LoRa Server project using Docker Compose.

Quickstart Google Cloud Platform

Quickstart guide on hosting the LoRa Server components on Google Cloud Platform.

Raspberry Pi

Guide on how to generate Raspberry Pi SDCARD images with the packet-forwarder and LoRa Server components pre-installed.


Guides on troubleshooting various isses.