To list all configuration options, start lora-channel-manager with the --help flag. This will display:

   --gw-mac value                mac address of the gateway [$GW_MAC]
   --gw-server value             hostname:ip of the gateway api server (default: "") [$GW_SERVER]
   --gw-client-ca-cert value     ca certificate used by the gateway-server client (optional) [$GW_CLIENT_CA_CERT]
   --gw-client-tls-cert value    tls certificate used by the gateway-server client (optional) [$GW_CLIENT_TLS_CERT]
   --gw-client-tls-key value     tls key used by the gateway-server client (optional) [$GW_CLIENT_TLS_KEY]
   --gw-client-jwt-token value   jwt token used by the gateway-server client for authentication (issued by LoRa Server) [$GW_CLIENT_JWT_TOKEN]
   --base-config-file value      path to the base configuration file [$BASE_CONFIG_FILE]
   --output-config-file value    path to the output configuration file [$OUTPUT_CONFIG_FILE]
   --pf-restart-command value    command which must be executed on configuration changes to restart the packet-forwarder [$PF_RESTART_COMMAND]
   --config-poll-interval value  interval between polling new configuration (default: 5m0s) [$CONFIG_POLL_INTERVAL]
   --help, -h                    show help
   --version, -v                 print the version

Both cli arguments and environment-variables can be used to pass configuration options.

Gateway MAC

The gateway MAC address must be given in HEX format, e.g. 0102030405060708.

Gateway API server

This is the IP:PORT pointing to the gateway API server. This API server is exposed by the LoRa Server service.

Configuration files

LoRa Channel Manager reads a base configuration file (--base-config-file), updates the radio_, chan_ and gateway_ID keys and writes the end-result into --output-config-file. The base configuration file must already contain all other configuration values.

Note: the file to which --output-config-file point will be overwritten!

Option one

When your current setup uses a global_conf.json and local_conf.json file, combine these two files into a third file containing all configuration and use this file as your --base-config-file. The --output-config-file could then be the path to your local_conf.json file.

Option two

An alternative way is to set both --base-config-file and --output-config-file to the path of the global_conf.json. That way you are still able to make overwrites by using a local_conf.json file. As this means that your original global_conf.json file will be overwritten, make sure you keep a backup of the original global_conf.json!.

JWT token

The JWT token (--gw-client-jwt-token) must be set to authenticate the gateway to the API. This token can be retrieved through the LoRa App Server web-interface or through the LoRa Server API.

Packet-forwarder restart command

This command configured by the --pf-restart-command will be executed by LoRa Channel Manager each time there is a configuration update. The command thati needs to be configured is gateway dependent. Please refer the manual of your gateway.