Semtech Basic Station packet-forwarder

The Semtech Basic Station backend implements the LNS protocol. It exposes a websocket handler to which Basic Station powered gateways can connect.

It supports the following authentication modes:

  • No Authentication
  • TLS Server Authentication
  • TLS Server and Client Authentication

Channel-plan / router_config

When using Basic Station powered gateways, assigning a Gateway Profile to a gateway within LoRa (App) Server is a requirement. As part of the connection handshake, LoRa Gateway Bridge must send the channel-plan configuration to the Basic Station. The flow for this is:

  • Basic Station sends a version message to the LoRa Gateway Bridge
  • The LoRa Gateway Bridge sends a stats Event
  • LoRa Server responds with a config Command, containing the channel-plan from the Gateway Profile
  • The LoRa Gateway Bridge forwards this as router_config to the Basic Station

Known issues

  • The Basic Station does not send RX / TX stats