The Kerlink IOT station has a meganism to start “custom” application on boot. These steps will install the LoRa Gateway Bridge ARM build on the Kerlink.

  1. Create the the directories needed:

    mkdir -p /mnt/fsuser-1/lora-gateway-bridge/bin

  2. Download and extract the LoRa Gateway Bridge ARMv5 binary into the above directory. See downloads. Make sure the binary is marked as executable.

  3. Save the following content as /mnt/fsuser-1/lora-gateway-bridge/

    LOGGER="logger -p local1.notice"
    # mosquitto
    iptables -A INPUT -p tcp --sport 1883 -j ACCEPT
    /mnt/fsuser-1/lora-gateway-bridge/bin/lora-gateway-bridge --mqtt-server tcp://YOURSERVER:1883  2>&1 | $LOGGER &

    Make sure to replace YOURSERVER with the hostname / IP of your MQTT broker. Also make sure the file is marked as executable.

  4. Save the following content as /mnt/fsuser-1/lora-gateway-bridge/manifest.xml:

    <?xml version="1.0"?>
    	<app name="lora-gateway-bridge" appid="1" binary="" >
    		<start param="" autostart="y"/>
    		<stop kill="9"/>

SSH into the gateway

The first step is to login into the gateway using ssh:


Please refer to the Kerlink iBTS wiki for login instructions.

Install IPK package

Find the latest package at and copy the URL to your clipboard. Then on the gateway use wget to download the package into a folder named /user/.updates. Example for lora-gateway-bridge_3.0.1-r1_klk_lpbs.ipk:

mkdir -p /user/.updates
cd /user/.updates

To trigger the iBTS gateway to install / update the package, run the following commands:

kerosd -u

Please refer to the Kerlink iBTS wiki for more information about installing and updating packages.

Edit the LoRa Gateway Bridge configuration

To connect the LoRa Gateway Bridge with your MQTT broker, you must update the LoRa Gateway Bridge configuration file, which is located at: /user/lora-gateway-bridge/lora-gateway-bridge.toml.

(Re)start and stop commands

Use the following commands to (re)start and stop the LoRa Gateway Bridge Service:

# status
monit status lora-gateway-bridge

# start
monit start lora-gateway-bridge

# stop
monit stop lora-gateway-bridge

# restart
monit restart lora-gateway-bridge

Configure packet-forwarder

You must configure the packet-forwarder on the gateway to forward its data to at port 1700. The file /user/spf2/etc/config.json must contain the following lines:

"server_address": "",
"serv_port_up": 1700,
"serv_port_down": 1700,

The installation steps to install the LoRa Gateway Bridge component are exactly the same as for the iBTS gateway. The only difference is that the packages are located at