The lora-gateway-os-full image provides all the components needed for a full LoRa Server + LoRa App Server environment running on the gateway. It is intended for getting started with LoRaWAN, the LoRa Server project or for small deployments.

It comes with the following services pre-installed:


Monit is a daemon for monitoring services. It automatically restarts a service when it has crashed. Especially for Raspberry Pi 3 based gateways, this is useful as it sometimes takes a couple of attempts to start the Semtech packet-forwarder.

Semtech packet-forwarder

The Semtech packet-forwarder handles the interaction with the LoRa concentrator chipset.

LoRa Gateway Bridge

The LoRa Gateway Bridge abstracts the Semtech packet-forwarder UDP data into MQTT messages.

LoRa Server

LoRa Server provides a LoRaWAN network-server.

LoRa (App) Server

LoRa App Server provides a LoRaWAN application-server and web-interface for managing the gateway, applications and devices.

First use

Important: The lora-gateway-os-full image will setup the PostgreSQL on its first boot. This could take a couple of minutes and during this time, the gateway will be less responsive!

After booting the gateway, you need to login using SSH. When the IP of your gateway is

ssh admin@

The default username is admin, the default password is admin.

This will prompt the following message:

    __          ____        _____                             _
   / /   ____  / __ \____ _/ ___/___  ______   _____  _____  (_)___
  / /   / __ \/ /_/ / __ `/\__ \/ _ \/ ___/ | / / _ \/ ___/ / / __ \
 / /___/ /_/ / _, _/ /_/ /___/ /  __/ /   | |/ /  __/ /  _ / / /_/ /
/_____/\____/_/ |_|\__,_//____/\___/_/    |___/\___/_/  (_)_/\____/

        documentation and copyright information: www.loraserver.io


> sudo gateway-config  - configure the gateway
> sudo monit status    - display service monitor

Then execute the sudo gateway-config to configure the channel-configuration that the gateway must use.

Unlike the lora-gateway-os-base image, you should not update the LoRa Gateway Bridge configuration. It is configured to point to the MQTT broker which comes with the lora-gateway-os-base image.

Getting started with LoRa (App) Server

Please continue with the Getting started with your first gateway and device guide.

Managing services

All services can be monitored, (re)started and stopped using Monit. Examples:

# show monit status
sudo monit status

# start all services
sudo monit start all

# stop all services
sudo monit stop all

# start lora-gateway-bridge
sudo monit start lora-gateway-bridge

# stop lora-gateway-bridge
sudo monit stop lora-gateway-bridge

Important to know

SD Card wearout

Although LoRa Server tries to minimize the number of database writes, there will be regular writes to the SD Card (PostgreSQL and Redis snapshots). According to Is it true that a SD/MMC Card does wear levelling with its own controller? it might make a difference which SD Card brand you use.