Gateway management

LoRa Server has support for managing gateways. Gateways can be created either by enabling create on stats (see gateway configuration) or by using the api.

Gateway location

The (last known) location of the gateway will be stored in the database. When the gateway is equipped with a GPS, its location will be automatically updated after every stats update in case it has changed. Else, it can be manually set when creating or updating the gateway.

Gateway statistics

LoRa Server exposes the gateway statistics on a pre-configured aggregation intervals (see Configuration). By default these intervals are configured to: minute, hour, day and month.

Gateway re-configuration

If a gateway-profile is assigned to the gateway, LoRa Server will push configuration updates to the gateway to keep its channel-plan in sync with the configuration of the network. This is triggered when LoRa Server receives gateway statistics (which also contains the current configuration version of the gateway). If there is new version of the configuration available, then it will be pushed by LoRa Server to the gateway.

Note that this feature must also be configured in the LoRa Gateway Bridge configuration.