The gateway-profile is an (optional) profile which can be assigned to a gateway for the configuration of its channel-plan. This feature must also be configured in the LoRa Gateway Bridge configuration.



The channels field defines the uplink channel-numbers that must be configured for the gateways using this gateway-profile. These map to the channel-numbers defined by the LoRaWAN Regional Parameters specification.

Extra channels

The extraChannels field defines a list of extra channel that must be configured for the gateway using this gateway-profile. Note that this is not supported by every LoRaWAN band. Please consult the LoRaWAN Regional Parameters specification for more information.

Hardware limitations

This feature is limited to 8-channel gateways (currently) and assumes that channels can be distributed over two radios. When defining a channel-plan, please keep in mind that the channels fit within the bandwidth of two radios.

The bandwidth of each radio depends on the bandwidth of the assigned channels:

  • 500kHz channel = 1.1MHz radio bandwidth
  • 250kHz channel = 1Mhz radio bandwidth
  • 125kHz channel = 0.925MHz radio bandwidth