LoRa Server forwards received uplink frames and acknowledgements to a so called application-server component. You can either use LoRa App Server (an application-server provided by the LoRa Server project), or implement your own application-server.

LoRa Server supports sending data for different devices to different application-servers. See routing-profile for more information.

LoRa App Server

LoRa App Server is a reference implementation of an application-server compatible with LoRa Server.

Custom application-server

It is also possible to implement a custom application-server. The application-server API has been defined as a gRPC service which allows you to easily generate stubs for various programming languages. See the gRPC site for more information about the gRPC framework and how to generate source-code using .proto files.

Please refer to api/as/as.proto for the application-server API specification. For the network-server API, please refer to the api documentation for the for more information.