LoRa Server

LoRa Server is an open-source LoRaWAN network-server, part of the LoRa Server project. The responsibility of the network-server component is the de-duplication and handling of received uplink frames received by the gateway(s), handling of the LoRaWAN mac-layer and scheduling of downlink data transmissions.


The table below gives an overview of the features that LoRa Server offers. See the Features in the left menu for a more detailed overview of each feature.

Device classes Class-A, Class-B & Class-C
Message types (Un)confirmed uplink and downlink, Proprietary uplink and downlink
Device activation Over-the-air (OTAA) and activation by personalization
Adaptive data-rate Supported for all regions
Regions supported AS 923
AU 915-928
CN 470-510
CN 779-787
EU 433
EU 863-870
IN 865-867
KR 920-923
US 902-928
Frame-counter validation Strict (default)
Skip frame-counter mode (for debugging only)
Statistics Per gateway received / transmitted (configurable aggregation levels)
Mac-layer handling Channel (re)configuration
Adaptive data-rate
Link check (initiated by the device)
Ping-slot channel configuration
Device time
RX parameter (re)configuration
Integration gRPC based API to an external application-server and external network-controller (optional)