The LoRa Server project

What is LoRa?

LoRaWAN is a long range, low power wireless protocol that is intended for use in building IoT networks. IoT devices (“nodes”) send small data packets to any number of “gateways” that may be in the several-kilometer range of a node via the LoRaWAN wireless protocol. The gateways then use more traditional communications such as wired Internet connections to forward the messages to a network-server which validates the packets and forwards the application payload to an application-server.

The nature of the LoRa network potentially allows IoT devices to run for years on small batteries, occasionally sending out small packets of data, waiting for a short time for response messages, and then closing the connection until more data needs to be sent. Devices can also be set up so that they are always listening for messages from their applications, though this obviously requires more power and may be more appropriate for devices that are, say, plugged in to a wall socket.

Of course there is much more to LoRaWAN than is described here. The LoRaWAN protocol is defined and managed by the LoRa Alliance. There is a great deal of information available there.

About the Lora Server Project

The LoRa Server project is an open-source set of applications that fill the gap between the gateways receiving messages from the nodes to just before the applications receiving the data. It provides mechanisms for managing the gateways on the LoRa network, the applications supported, and the devices associated with the applications.

The project is designed so that it may be used in a very flexible manner. For example the LoRa App Server component implements the application-server component and offers a Web UI for users to access and modify their gateways, applications and nodes. The system can also be accessed via programmatic interfaces implemented in gRPC and JSON REST APIs. Further, the APIs are designed such that the subsystems may be replaced by other software implementing the same interfaces.

For a more technical understanding of the parts of the Lora Server software system and how they work together, please refer to the architecture page.


Overview of the LoRa Server architecture and how components are connected.


Overview of the features provided by the LoRa Server project.